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Shreveport Drug Rehab Centers provides a free of charge service to addicts by matching them with appropriate rehab centers in their area. Due to our extensive network of high-quality treatment facilities, we can seek only the best support to counter your addiction issues.

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Our team of addiction advisors is incredibly adept at understanding the unique needs of sufferers of a range of different addictions. For example, if you are seeking alcohol rehab in Shreveport, we can help. Looking for drug rehab in Shreveport? We can help with that too. In fact, our network of rehab services extend nationwide, so we are in a position to assist people in nearly every location in the states.  It is essential to understand that we are not a rehab center but an advisory service. We work by matching addicts with appropriate rehab services.

Dealing with addiction is emotionally draining, bad for your health, finances and career prospects. Addiction causes family breakdowns, relationship turmoil, liver damage, heart problems, incarceration and even death. For someone who continues to abuse their addictive substance, there is very little chance of them avoiding the issues above. They are destined to experience at least one of these adverse side effects. 

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Shreveport

How Can Shreveport Drug Rehab Centers Help?

Our process is straightforward, and the steps are outlined here:

  1. We conduct an initial assessment with you to ascertain a variety of relevant information. We will ask questions regarding your financial circumstances, family situation, medical insurance cover, and addiction specific information. We will work with you to ascertain what it is you wish to achieve through entering rehab.
  2. With all this valuable information in hand, we use it to match you with a rehab facility that best suits your needs. 
  3. We contact the rehab on your behalf and advocate for your speedy admission.

Our addiction advisors are highly experienced and understand how complicated the admissions process can be. Because of this, we are happy to manage this process on your behalf and aid in assisting you with a seamless admission. 

About Shreveport, Louisiana

The third largest city in the state of Louisiana, Shreveport has a population of just over 200,000 people. It is a multi-cultural hub, offering people a well-established, bustling city. It has rebuilt itself following a terrible recession in the 1980's. The economy today is heavily built on services, including casinos and hotels. 

Louisiana is a popular location for film movies, and Shreveport certainly gets its piece of the pie. Movies including Factory Girl, Mr. Brooks, and The Guardian were filmed here. Mardi Gras is a regular celebration in Shreveport and attracts thousands annually in the metropolitan area. Overall, the city is much more prosperous than it was just a few decades ago.

There are drug problems in Shreveport, and due to the gambling industry, alcohol abuse is also quite prevalent. If you are living in Shreveport and suffering from one of these issues, Shreveport Drug Rehab Centers can help you.

Shreveport Drug Rehab Centers Can Help

It can be tough to reach out for help if you are struggling with addiction. Suffering from dependency issues can be a scary and isolating place to be. Addicts that are estranged from their family or friends may find it even harder to reach out and often they can seek comfort by spiraling further into their addiction hells. 

Even if you think you have your addiction under control, it is still highly advisable to seek help. A life of addiction is a sorry life to live, and because of this, we urge you to find support at the earliest time that you can. 

It seems scary, but the only thing that you must do today is pick up the phone and call Shreveport Rehab Centers. On hearing the soothing voice of one of our addiction advisors on the other line, you will be put at ease immediately. What initially seemed terrifying will now seem like the best step you have ever taken in your life. Call today to start your journey to a new sober life. (877) 804-1531

Upcoming Shreveport AA & NA Meetings:

Meeting Day & Time Location
NA Old State Police Building Sun, 4:00 PM Hope Not Dope Group Discussion/Participation Hwy. 67 East, Hope, AR 71801
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